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hey everyone
my name is alexus im 21 years old. most of everything one here is about me and robert. me and him have been together for almost 2 years. he is locked up right now. im trying to stay strong but sometimes its just soo hard.but i guess one thing that keeps me strong is the letters since i cant go see him because i have been in trouble myself.but all of my poems are all true and about my life and im sure many of you can realate to them.
but if you need someone to talk to feel for to email me i will write you back

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  • U SwEaR U KnOw Me CuZ Ya HeArD My NaMe BuT iF Ya EvA rEaLLy MeT Me YuD KnOw Da GaMe dRaMa NeVa EnDs And HaTaS ArE aLL tHa SaMe tHeY sMiLe To Ya FacE aNd sPiT oN yA NaMe "

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  • Forgiveness is such a strong word when you’ve been hurt so many times

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  • Hey i need soo help........ my man write me a drity letter from prison and i really dont know how to write one and i have read your stuff on here can you help me send me a message plz

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