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My name is Tia. I enjoy writing poetry. I used to think that everything had to be perfect and that God was punishing me because it wasn't. I have now learned that it is the imperfections that make it perfect. I enjoy meeting new people so feel free to PM me.

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  • Lately, the nights are cold and the days are short
    Winter is here and you are not in my arms...

  • I just want to be in your arms
    (it gets so lonely being here...

  • There are times when all I want to do is to break...
    to crawl into a little ball and hide under the...

  • I have spent my whole life lying in this bed at...
    I stare at my ceiling thinking of all the...

  • Lying here on your chest
    (voices in my head screaming "NO!&quot...

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  • These tears, they fall like rain, from these eyes of mine. Your name it falls like lyrics, from these lips of mine.

    8 years ago
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  • Close your eyes, say goodnight, when morning comes, it'll be alright with you here in my arms waiting for morning light.

    8 years ago
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  • You are so close yet so far, I want to hold you in my arms until the suns morning rays.

    8 years ago
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