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Hey Im Cherish aka Sophie, I love writing all sorts of poems, but my favourite have to be:
Love poems
Friendships poem-about ma gawjus gals n boys who i love!
Sad poems etc.

I feel that writing poetry helps me express myself and my feelings, just like art in a way where, I can do or write anything I like without being wrong or having someone say its not right!
Thanks for looking at my profile, PLEASE read and comment on my poems & Quotes and feel free to vote or send me a message xxx
x Cherish x

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  • Age : 15
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Latest Poems By Cherish

  • GUNSHOTS crack the silent air
    I need to move but i just don't dare...

  • Watching you walk away,
    didn't even say goodbye...

  • Its hard to tell you how I feel
    so I guess you'll never know...

  • All the shouting and yellin
    Is confusing my brain...

  • You're in my heart for always
    You're forever always mine...

Latest Quotes By Cherish

  • Watching you walk away. Didn't even say Goodbye...did you ever think about me?
    Without words. You made me cry.

    7 years ago
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  • Its like I dont have the right to be happy! Cos when ever I am...Something bad happens!

    10 years ago
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  • If all my prayers dreams and wishes came true...I would no longer be me!

    10 years ago
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