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Hey, Wat can I say about me... Well my name is Stephanie, and I'm 17. I jus found this site. I really want to know wat u guys think of my poetry. So let me know, and I'll return the favor.

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  • Age : 16
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  • Country : USA, Texas
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  • I'm tired of feeling this way
    I'm frustrated and don't know what to do...

  • *Baby its killin me to stand here and see Im not...
    Once again my heart is breaking...

  • ("I wanted to write something about...
    "Push back to Reality&quot...

  • A boy and a girl, the best of friends
    From elementary to high school...

  • Agony claws in mind. I am a statistic. When I...
    I found no sympathy. I saw only thousands of...

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  • ...I've moved on...but havent forgotten...

    10 years ago
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  • Its hard to admit that you made a mistake
    but even harder to accept that you cant go back

    11 years ago
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  • You said you needed space
    so I tried to stay strong
    but I still love you and want you back.
    Where did it all go wrong?

    11 years ago
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