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Hello my name is Diana Marie and i love to draw and write poems. they may not be the best but i have fun writing them all the same he he. It makes time pass fun.

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Latest Poems By Diana

  • My papa is a wrinkly man
    he sits and smokes his pipe...

  • F A T (5)

    I have a roll or two or three
    I can not even see my knee...

  • I love this guy hes really nice;
    he makes me melt like a piece of ice...

  • The world is vast and cold and mean
    if ever it was to hold perfection...

  • Oh how i wanted to be that girl
    the one around whos by his side...

Latest Quotes By Diana

  • S I L E N T

    Listen Silently Same letters same meaning
    so when you listen be silent and maybe some
    good will come of it.

    11 years ago
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  • If all else fails love Steve

    11 years ago
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  • Love is like fire if you try to hold onto it, it burns.

    11 years ago
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