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~i hope most of u like my s~h~i~t! take sum time to coment. oh ye...i heard a kick @ss quote on tv once...
-If ur not livin for sumthing ur dying for nothing!!-
Luv it!!~

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  • "Never play leap-frog
    with a unicorn!!" lol

    11 years ago
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  • ~*~I DIDNT RITE THIS!!~*~
    ~uv inflicted all this pain on me. uv made me burn, cut and bleed. uv made me want to die inside, made me fall down and cry. so take ur problems, ill take mine, but all day long ull be on my mind!~

    11 years ago
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    -ill draw u a picture, ill draw it with a twist.
    -ill draw it with a razor blade,ill draw it on my wrist.
    - and if i draw correctly a red fountain will apear to wash away my sarows and chase away my fears.

    11 years ago
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