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All of the poems I make are about my family, friends...ect. I will write about anything to how im living life to what I eat. Basicly i'll write anything I feel like.

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  • Age : 16
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : USA, California
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Latest Poems By Norbert

  • Break everything that is in my sight
    The hand that feeds me I'm willing to bite...

  • I wanna write her name in the sky
    I'll walk to the farthest star...

  • It's finally here
    Where our paths separate...

  • A heart without a beat is like
    the sun without it's light...

  • If you lived in my world, everyday would be a...
    It would be about how wonderful and beautiful you...

Latest Quotes By Norbert

  • I'm fast like wind and I'm smooth like Silk.
    I'll dip you up and down like Cookies and Milk

    10 years ago
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  • No one can stop me or destory my dreams, don't even try, don't mess with me. Life ain't fair but
    I don't care who's on top of the staires......I'm stepin' up.

    11 years ago
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