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Hey! My name is Danielle! I come from a very small town.. and well.. I like to write.. I dont put much up here.. but i love to do it! lol

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Latest Poems By Dani

  • I have changed
    I'm not the girl that you met and I regret that...

  • When? (2)

    When are we going to be together?
    Will you love me now? Or will it take forever...

  • You (1)

    I talk to you every night..
    And although you claim you dont want to hurt her...

  • Do you know that feeling?
    The one where you cant breath...

  • There once was a day where
    I'd give anything to be with You...

Latest Quotes By Dani

  • I'm happier than I can remember ever being.. I am able to date my best friend and the person I love.. How lucky is that?

    8 years ago
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  • I can't shake this feelin' I have for you.. I wanna kno if you feel the same too.. You left, gone too far for me to reach you...

    10 years ago
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  • I cant do this anymore.. I thought I loved you.. You treated me like I was nothing.. It's time for goodbye.....

    10 years ago
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