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Well, I don't want to tell you about me. I will write this soon or later, but right now I'm kinda busy.

Hey, I love to read your poems. I will always vote and comment back. Please comment and vote for me, then I can do the same thing back to ya. I promise you.

-Getting Out of the Sea

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  • Age : 99
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Latest Poems By Getting Out of the Sea

  • Took a pictures of us by your parents
    Stood with you and others...

  • You brightened me
    The black roses are becoming a beautiful red roses...

  • All the things I spoke out of my heart
    I'm sorry if I said them all...

  • Sometimes, I don't understand myself
    I can't see the light...

  • Walking into your room
    Standing behind my parents...

Latest Quotes By Getting Out of the Sea

  • I finally realize why my heart stopped beating. You never caught me when I fell, because you love someone else better than me. Yes, it cracks my heart open. Goodbye, a foolish boy.

    11 years ago
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  • Daddy, I know your life is too dark for you to see. Your eyes are blind, even through my eyes do want your lips to smile again. Don't make the blues come back to you again.

    11 years ago
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  • I fell through a cold air, and you refused to catch me in your arms. I hitted the ground. My heart beat so slowly. I died for nothing. You don't care, a foolish boy.

    11 years ago
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