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I write to express myself so I never regret saying something out loud.

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  • Country : USA, Minnesota
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  • This questions are relentless and continue on...
    Did he know he made my heart beat faster with...

  • Live together forever
    he is mine now and always...

  • Tis not the blade I fear,
    Nor the burn of flame...

  • I love you, I love you not,
    this silly game must stop...

  • The heat of a never ending argument
    The strangling feeling of tasks unmet...

Latest Quotes By Angel1030

  • I think of his smile or something funny he would say,then wake up and realize hes a million miles away.

    8 years ago
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  • I've been in fights and wars
    but never like this one before
    He gave me a new look on life
    and took that same breath away
    making a retched pain cloud my mind
    forever invading my thoughts

    8 years ago
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  • I love him and he loves her
    It goes in an endless blur
    We have something she can't take
    but it isn't enough for him to stay
    and so my heart will continue to ache

    8 years ago
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