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I go by the name of Sasha Marie Reigle. i'm 18 years old ;; i'm currently livin shamokin budd. i spend most of mii time out in trevorton at kyle's garage. i can be shy untill you get to know me! i have to have the last word, i am VERY [stubborn]!! i never forget anything anyone does to me. You lie to me or betray me in any sort of way, you lose me. end of question! I hold a mean [Grudge]! i get mad to easy and jump to conclusions wayyy to fast! i fall fast and hard. The good things! i'm the most loyal friend you'll ever meet ;; but if you disobey my trust can make you regret it! i get along with anyone unless you get on my bad side. i am the wrong person to mess with i will find a way to ruin your life or at least make it bad if you betray me. i'm usually nice unless you piss me off ;; i am nice, pretty, funny [hilarious]! i'm always hyper! i like to have fun and i am up for [ANYTHING]. I SURPRIZE MYSELF AT TIMES && OVERCAME ALOT OF OBSTICALS IN LIFE! I'm a very outgoing person. i love to be CRAZY && Out of CONTROL with mii friends. jen avellino is mii best friend ever, && i love her to death. kyle avellino is mii lova!:)&& i love him to peices. && brandon is mii best guy friend ever i'd be losted without him. i love mii friends..<3 [Circle of Friends] making people laugh && gettin a laugh out of it myself just makes me happy ;; ilove have a good time. i LOVE all of mii friends.. they're AMAZiNG! Dirtbikes, 4wheelers for sure ;; They're mii LiFE! BOYS;; When they aren't bein stupid. Trucks ;; You gotta love em'! i [LOVE] Lifted trucks! ..but it's gotta be a [FORD]! i'm for sure a[Ford] girl! i love football. ima 100% Pure Raiders Fan! other things.. i love tattoo's! i have two tattoo's one my ankel && mii newest tattoo is thor racing on mii hip. i have mii nose, tounge && belly peirced. i hate drama! but it always finds me. i absolutly [LOVE] mii family well [a select few]. most girls annoy the hell outta me..i prefer hanging out with guy. im not worried about what anyone thinks of me. So if you want to talk shit, go ahead. Waste your time! mii AOL S/N is [crackkbabyy88] Rest In peace Chad Matthew Shrawder. but never forgotten! I miss ya buddyy<3 11-26-06!

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  • Age : 18
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  • Country : USA, Pennsylvania
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Latest Poems By Sash

  • The heart may freeze, or it can burn
    The pain will ease, if i can learn...

  • At first you think its great you're talking to
    him again. But then you start talking about...

  • And I know that I should probably just let go,
    because I know that it won't work out...

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  • Is It Worth
    The [ Pleasure ]
    When You KnowY our
    Gunna Have To Face
    The [ Pain ]..Again

    10 years ago
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  • You weren't supposed to mean that much.
    I wasn't supposed to fall in love.

    10 years ago
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  • You gotta --

    x- hurt in order to know,

    x- fall in order to grow,

    x- lose in order to gain.

    cuz most of life lessons

    are learned in pain

    10 years ago
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