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Straight and single. im 5' 6 1/2 tall. I weigh 130 lbs. im 50% mucle. (nj)w00t Mexican and serian. ------------------------------
hates: arrogent people, selfish
greedy as*holes
loves: music, swords, knifes, daggers, video games, footy foot ball, working out
hobbies: chilin wi my homies. pot. patron. parties! w00t! stayin at home wi my dog in the back and just chillin. rollar coasters. hangin at the beach.
girls: i like babes who are funny, kinda shy or outgoing..good sense of humor. umm yea i guess...(kinda shy around em less i know them rlly well..)
music: sublime,cute is wat we aim for, matisyahu, linkin park, redhotchillepeppers, rx bandits, panic at the disco, bob marley, taking back sunday, fall out boy, deathcab for cutie, beatles, streetlight manifesto, silverstien, santana, Mexi rap, and ummmmm....blink-182, ciodos, kill hanna, The Acadamy Is..., damian marley, lead zeplin, three doors down, black sabbath, judas priest, alice in chains, Queen,SnowPatrol,muse, coldplay, iron madain,yellowcard, Three days grace,Insane clown posse, Boston, Men at work,Fat Joe, Pink floyd,The ramones,Guns and Roses, and more..

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  • Dad (1)

    See him? That’s my dad, the one over...
    He only yells because he cares...

  • Stadium crammed by ecstatic fans
    Players anxiously await the start...

  • Foaming waves crashing
    Sparkling dunes sift through toes...

  • Angel (2)

    This has to do with someone at school...
    Angel my love...

  • You all hate me it is the truth
    You wish to stab me with a blade...

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