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  • Run, run. The iron bars run to the wall.
    Sweet freedom flees quickly through the closing...

  • I was bored one day, had nothing to do
    So I sat on the ground and thought of you...

  • And once more, it entered my thoughts.
    It had not for a time, but it came to me now...

  • Please try to be of the happiness.
    I need you here to make me happy...

  • Tears spill out of downcast eyes.
    Arms draped around legs huddled close to her...

Latest Quotes By rosalina calling

  • Still thine beating heart.
    Why dost thou tremble so?
    Hast thou not the past left behind thyself?

    9 years ago
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  • The wind beneath my wings
    The fire in my heart
    The ending of my love
    The exhilaration at the start
    He was my everything
    He was all I need
    And it's because of him I cry
    Because of him I bleed

    10 years ago
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  • *Every rose has its thorns.
    And every heart has been broken.
    But every rose is also beautiful.
    And every heart is loving and open.*

    10 years ago
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