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First and foremost the most noticeable thing about me (sadly) is that I'm shy, probably to an extremity, though i usually warm up as i get to know you. I'm outgoing, i would go do just about anything to get out of my house, seriously anything, stare at the sky, roll in the mud, tap dance,anything!--((660)-229-askme) call me we'll go do something ;). I'm an obsessive reader in a matter of speaking, i will read anything as long as it is in English, though my favorite kind of books are fantasy. I also like Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and all those 1800 writers. It just something about how they use words, how it tickles the tongue reading it out loud; it just make you want to yell WOW! I'm sort of a naturist, just about 95% of my poems and writings include some nature aspect to it now that i think about it , i do it sub-consciously really *shrugs*. Watching tree's dance in the wind is more interesting than watching T.V. I feel more at home laying in my yard than i do in my bed. I would probably feel more comfortable sleeping in shaft in the middle of the woods than i would at a 5 star hotel. I often look up quotes on the internet just for some enlightenment, and goose bumps when you find those that touch you. I sometimes talk to my reflection after i use the bathroom. I like those mysterious/meaningful movies (guess that's what you call them) like K-Pax and Phenomenon, the kind of movies that bring mankind out of its box. I find most stupid things very funny. Every now and then i try to act cocky or bossy so i can laugh at myself. I day dream and reminisce a great deal, I often remember something funny and start laughing for no apparent reason and everyone stares at me like I'm crazy(probably true), which just makes me laugh more. When i can't sleep I'll ponder over the past, about the dozens of friends i had (i moved a lot!), the time we played out, and where they may be today. I'm fairly big on sports, love playing and watching tennis and basketball. I love writing stories and poems, when i can get my creative juices flowing, i can often write for an hour in what feels like a minute. I insult myself in first person out loud "I'm an idiot!", and i complement myself in third person out loud "You go, Shawn!". I listen to music about half as much as I breath. Popping bubble wrap can entertain me for hours. I gaze into the star-lit sky pondering the question why to anything and everything in this world and out of it.

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