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I am currently a Senior at Fowler High School. When I get out of High School I want to go to college to study Physical Therapy. I have 2 poems published already and am wanting to have an entire book of poetry published by the end of my senior year. I love poetry and art because they are expressions of emotions and are alot more deep than they appear. I dont really consider limericks and ryming to be considered poetry because theyre not really an expression of art through emotion. Poetry and art are expressions of well-being and emotion. We may not be able to express ourselves that well, but through poetry and art we are able to express our selves freely.

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  • Be More Concerned About Your Character Than Your Reputation Because Your Character Is Who You Are And Your Reputation is What Others Think Of You.

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  • Never Attempt to calculate the numerative of juvinile poultry before the process of incubation has fully materialized.

    AKA...Dont count your chickens before they hatch

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  • Two milliseconds without you is an eternity.

    CUTE!!!!!* My boyfriend Ryan wrote this

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