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whats up i'm Sarah i am not that 12 year old girl i was back in 2007 i got lost for awhile and i couldn't write i had a block up and i did not tear it down till 2013 i am turning 19 and i have an amazing fiance i wanna post everything i write up just to see how i have grown i still rock the black and blonde hair i don't have any friends i am alone me and my Fiance that is all i have so life is much difference looking back i was looking for love and had to many friends now i understand friendship can be FAKE Cruel and mean you don't know when your friends will decide to destroy you ruin you keep my friends even closer so yes i have trust issues now all thats to SARA VAZQUEZ the girl who forever made everyone to me untrustable well if your reading this and wanna know more start from the begging of the poems and work your way to the end <3 SARAH NICOLE

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also 1 youtube video i was 12

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  • UR true love is
    possible to forget
    impossible to never rember

    10 years ago
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  • I don't know what love is but some how im in it with you
    I don't trip a lot but I seem to be falling for you
    I don't have a strong memory but some how my mind always pictures you
    I did have a heart but some how I slowly gave it to you !!!!!!!

    10 years ago
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  • If evey love story was made 2 be a cinderella story you wouldent find cinderella in a fairy tall book

    10 years ago
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