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Its been forever since Ive been on this and so many things have changed. First of all I am now a mother of a handsome and smart little boy named blake. I am also expecting and am 8 weeks away from meeting my second son. I am still with my boyfriend koa and we have now been together for 6 years. Since we are parents now alot has changed. We love eachother just as much as we first met. Now that we have a family making our relationship work is very important to us. We are now complete and I would change a thing. Enjoy!

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  • I was in the bathroom..once again
    My body feeling dirty from all the different men...

  • The day is gloomy and everyone is silent
    The families cries are barely heard in the wind...

  • I am (3)

    I am the girl that people look at and say she's...
    I am the girl who loves to tell stories and the...

  • Hurt (2)

    Shreds of my porcelain skin fall to the floor
    Piercing pain like a finger slammed in a door...

  • I love your kind heart
    I love the fact that you love my son...

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  • I trusted him
    I thought he would never leave me
    I did everything that i was suppose to do...
    SO what makes YOU any different?
    What makes you think that he won't leave you too?

    8 years ago
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  • She tries so hard to make him love her....
    God can't even do that..

    8 years ago
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  • I smile but I'm broken
    I laugh but I'm hurt
    I'm thankful but I'm not happy
    I love but I'm lonely

    9 years ago
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