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katie wrote this besides the stuff in ()

and my best freind/soul sista is katie!(;
(i miss that girl to death right up there, havent talked to her in almost a month and idk why, i love her sooo much! idk what im gonna do without her!!)

Right now I'm going through a really hard time with this guy i really like, and its hard to act like im mad at him, which i really am

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  • Because your name is stuck in my head.
    because when i see you my heart beats faster...

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    Inspiration- it makes the world go round.
    Devastation, it makes you heart stop...

  • I was so exited,
    since the day you told me...

  • Friends are always there, forever,
    at least thats what everyone wishes for...

  • His name is buzzing in my head, like a bee around...
    I thought I found my way in, but then got shoved...

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  • I built myself up, and was finally happy with me. but then you came along and pushed me back down. so im afraid to build myself back up because i hate being pushed around

    8 years ago
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  • Learn to let go of who hurts you the most, because if you dont they could hurt you inside and out.

    8 years ago
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  • Like it or not although shes a lot like me were not the same

    8 years ago
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