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hey, i'm susan. nothin special!! :3

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  • What happened to the degree you said you were...
    What happened to "the last time" you were going to...

  • Facade (2) 2

    The sunlight cuts through the remaining shadows,
    Dawn has now broken, and so goes her repose...

  • Everything is burning inside,
    My soul in pieces, my mind has broken...

  • I am the shadows that only the blind can see,
    The whisper of promise that only the deaf can...

  • Inspiration is but ash within my soul,
    My fire is lost, and my green eyes dull...

Latest Quotes By NightPersonality

  • Everything inside is screaming,
    With open wounds that ooze,
    Maggots feeding and teeming,
    Her pallor gray and bruised.

    This is how she feels inside,
    With no relief in sight.
    So she smiles wide, she smiles bright,
    And screams into the night.

    10 months ago
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  • The butterflies have long since died,
    Make-up containers cracked and dried.
    You are still my World, my Hope, my Love.
    I will always be here, always waiting,
    But I, my Love, I will never be enough.

    1 year ago
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  • I flew much too high under the harsh sun, ignorant of the warnings of my inevitable demise.
    We only achieve what we allow ourselves to,
    and we are only who we are because of what we make ourselves.

    7 years ago
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