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hi everybody.

im on this site bc i love poetry, and i want to see if my poetry is comparable to others or if it have any impact.

So please rate and comment! :-D
that would be awesome!

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Latest Poems By Cathie

  • There's a couple of girls you have to Go through...
    Nr 1, is the Girl next door, its her heart you...

  • When i look at myself
    I see what used to be...

  • Its not easy to describe
    why i miss you so much...

  • I had bad luck for such a long time,
    I've forgotten how to smile...

  • Looking in the mirror:
    do i know this girl...

Latest Quotes By Cathie

  • ...Fighting for peace is like F-ing for virginity...

    10 years ago
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  • Our greatest glory consist NOT in never falling,
    but in rising each time we fall...

    10 years ago
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  • For a long time i believed love was not real because it is a chemical balance in your brain that goes crazy.
    I made a set of rules and restrictions to keep me from getting hurt.
    Boy - did you prove me wrong!

    10 years ago
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