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will i'm in college i'm form jersey and i'm becoming a c.s.i
i love poems and love my home town.. if u like my pomes and u would like to use them its ok but dont say u wort it lol but yea i writ what i feel and i would like to know what u think so leave me comments lol i also have a myspace that has some of my work so if u like to see it my e-mail is

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  • Age : 20
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  • Country : USA, North Carolina
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  • From the first moment i saw you i knew we were...
    p.s we have been together form the year 200...

  • There so many things that this boy hides form the...
    and only i can see right thr.. him...

  • Here in this time i have you as a boyfriend, and...
    there is this never ending love for someone els...

  • Im gay (3)

    Why did god make me this way?
    didn't he want me to be happy...

  • Say wat u mean, an mean wat u say, an if u dont...
    i loved you and you left me alone, i missed you...

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  • If you miss me just meet me under the moonlight, because im already there from the frist momnet you left! and all i have been dong is waiting for you to miss me

    love the marines wife

    10 years ago
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  • Somewhere between all our laughs
    long talk stupid little fights, and all our
    jokes i fell in love...

    11 years ago
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  • If she or he was there once she or he
    will be there aging,
    never look back on the shit she or he said
    be ur slef as if life didnt matter live one step at a time and just be ur slef

    11 years ago
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