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Hi... Well my name doesn't matter. I am 20 years old, and I suffer from depression. Anyways.. I don't write to amuse others, I write cause it helps me at times I am feeling really down. I appreciate comments and rates, and I always try to return the favour.

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  • Roses are red and,
    Violets are blue...

  • I used to be 'Daddy's Little Girl'.
    I used to be perfect in your eyes...

  • They say, "Everything happens for a...
    But I find this hard to believe...

  • All my life, times have been tough
    when hoping things get better just isn't enough...

  • All growing up, I blamed everyone but me
    It was always someone elses fault to a certain...

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  • And if I had it my way, i'd slit your throat with the knife you left in my back !!

    8 years ago
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  • I wish I could go back to the day I met you, and walk away.

    8 years ago
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  • The wrists are a canvas with razor blade brush to paint the pain of a broken life.

    8 years ago
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