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I started this account when I was 13 and in middle school. I am now 18 and heading off to college. Things change, people don't :)

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Latest Poems By Krista

  • The words that seem so simple,
    Are so hard to say...

  • It's funny the things that bring us joy
    Whether it be the person we love...

  • Your back in my life,
    Maybe I should be glad...

  • I never thought I'd see the day
    When we would go our separate ways...

  • Dear dad,
    i know I'm nothing special...

Latest Quotes By Krista

  • You tell me about your girl,
    How she's your whole world.
    You can't wait till she gets out,
    She's all you think about.
    No one means more,
    She's the one you adore.
    What about me?
    She left you,
    And I picked up the peices.

    9 years ago
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  • Shes the one you need
    but theres this passion
    a fire, that burns inside of me.
    its nothing but want and desire
    for what will never be
    The more our frienship progresses,
    the more I stat to fall
    and theres nothing I can do
    no, nothing at all

    10 years ago
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  • You have her
    say she's all you need
    yet every day you come to me
    I'm so confused
    I just dont know what to do,
    Cause babe, I'm falling in love with you</3

    10 years ago
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