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i Love life exacly how it comes at me. i love it wen it makes me cry nd i love it when it makes me laugh. im not scared of livin, kuz life is just one. the day of 2morrow u might not even wake up. so i pretend life is a movie kuz im gonna make the best of the ending.

i Write 4 relief .
i Sleep to forget.
i Eat to entertain myself.
i drink to scape.
i Smoke kuz im bored.
i read to create my own world.
i DANCE KUZ WHO I AM.......myspace:

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  • 1 Takes everythin too serious. 2 takes everything as a joke. 3 doesnt even know i exist. 4 goes everywhere i go. yet none of them make me happy, what is it that i really want?

    10 years ago
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  • Trapped in a reality box hyprocrite to my own advice.

    10 years ago
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  • Life is Only one.
    The pain is much.
    and The time wasted is; alot.
    So i smile nd laugh at da pain.
    Pain is my friend.
    i Dont fight it, i live it,
    dats why u think i never experienced it

    10 years ago
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