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Well, to start off with, just as a fair warning, not too long ago i got copyrights on ALL of my poems and quotes. They might not be good or they might be really good (all a matter of opinion for you to make), but i defanantly got all of them copyrighted. I am so happy about it too cause I've been waiting for so long to get enough money to do so. so for those who want to vialte my rights, go ahead, but it's really not a good idea. If you do claim any of my hard focused work then I will get money out of you for taking it. That is a promise.


Hi, so you want to know about me! Well, um...I'm 16, I have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair,...that's stupid! I've been writing poetry since I was litteraly 2-years-old. My life has had many influences that lead me into writing the way i do. I live in pecatonica, IL.
And I go to Pecatonica High. My name is Brian Lee Kraklau (I'm changing my name when I turn 18. I love my girlfriend, Courtney! I also love Elves, The Beatles, and a great many things (my favorite poet and greatest influence towards poetry is Edgar Allen Poe). Well I think thats enough...if theres any questions E-mail me at

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  • Leap out over the edge of normality
    Dive into that deep blue void below...

  • Horses with their flowing mains, running off...
    Letting their free spirit fly into the sky like...

  • Look through the peephole of life
    Back into the past...

  • Walking into the forest
    Among the old trees that sprung out of the snow...

  • Beginning, start, ending, and finishing
    Life fluctuating like a heart, pulsating and...

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  • Only time can tell the long folk tail of everyone's life"

    11 years ago
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  • You should be yourself above anything else
    because if you arent yourself or if you dont even know who you are then your just a useless chunck of meat floating down the river of life amidst the fire of chaos.

    11 years ago
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  • My heart beats greatly because of your words...thank you.

    11 years ago
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