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what's up,my names william keith luttrell jr. i live in peoria illinois those around me say im an evil genuise but for me i know im more ittulecual than others and i can out smart people easyer than others
whats weird tho is a year ago i statred to see things others couldn't.

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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : USA, Illinois
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  • Pain (2)

    Out of the anger comes the pain
    out of the pain comes the tears...

  • Touch (2)

    Desire passes day by day
    a loveing touch comes in may...

  • Uncontrolled
    I cannot breathe...

  • Do you believe in the Devil and the Lord?
    Or is believing something you cannot afford...

  • Vamp (2)

    A sweet, fierce joy rushes toward me, fills me...
    I creep out and slide to a stop on the roof tiles...

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  • The time now has bloodshed anger and hate love has gone from this world death draws near as life fades away
    drip drip drip are my tears for those who have fallen because of our hate

    9 years ago
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  • Naral (west) (15,4) the cursed samuri super elite

    appela mountains (north) (8,9) baron von drake

    eerie moors (east) (4,12) golden cockatrice

    steep nojor klar laybrith (level 2) (3,2)

    malphas the destroyer hallow caves (level 2)

    10 years ago
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  • Pain may come to those who do not expect it so dont underestimate the heat for if its hurt there is no medice that can help it only treatment for it is love and only someone else can give you that

    10 years ago
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