first of all i love muzik. im into alot of types of muzik but watever it is i gots ta have my tupac. my favorite rock band is bullet for my valintine! i'm a nice and caring person or atleast ppl say i am. i hate when people judge others for apperances or any other small diffrences I HATE IT!!! i barely started writing poems so i'm not that good on them but atleast im progressing i think i am atleast... i am kinda unique i'm half thug and half emo if that makes sence... feel free to pm me whenever you want! ^_^

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  • Bloody vengance makes bloody war.
    so stop your vengace before you hit the floor.

    10 years ago
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  • The dead have passed. try and move on fast. live for the live. before they too pass you by.

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