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~First of all I would like to thank all of you that have read my work, commented, and rated, Thank you so much, it means the world to me, And to me, your opinion matters~
My names Amanda.
Art brings me truth freedom & reality. With it I am unstoppable. No one can touch me when I'm living inside of my own mind. But my recent realization of my writing is that, not only is it not that good, the only time anything i write comes even close being considered art, only becomes written when I'm in some kind of emotional pain, or if I'm having some type of trouble in life.
i push myself to make a mess of me. otherwise i cant release. which defeats my original purpose. So.... i cant really say i like to write... nor can i say i hate it, but i could survive without it... but i just wouldn't be myself... this is my disease that some how keeps me alive. A disease i wouldn't die without, but a disease that would erase my passion for life if i were to be rid of it. Read. and witness the destruction.

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  • From the bottom of my feet, To the top of my cranium, Push me again, I'll show you some geranium, I'll take down all the leaders, And drown them in uranium,

    8 years ago
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  • Wasted on my floor again,
    I adore my addiction.

    8 years ago
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  • There's so much I'd like to say,
    But these words taste like yesterday.

    8 years ago
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