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boo im kaitlin ermmmm yeah i like reading and im writing a book... im from the USA but i live in the UK sooo yeah its a hard life but someone has to be there to live it i guess...
i dont lie per se but i do like to bend the truth so far that it breaks on its own :P
if i could have anything in the world right now... hmm im craving some red kool aid randomly... but overall i wish i could get rid of all the idiotic problems between my friends cause being stuck in the middle sucks... but im trying to be switzerland and keep a neutral view...
my dream is to eventually go on a really long trip somewhere like australia or egypt my friends cause that would be awesome...or wow maybe even take them to america with me someday cause i think they need to see if from a locals point of view =] but that probly wont happen *sigh* i live for my friends and music and my books and book that im writing... hopefuly its good
i like seeing old things like ancient ruins and mummies and stuff like that but i also like forensics and figuring out a crime or how someone died... stuff like that.
but other than that im still trying to figure my life out and what i want... but i guess for now ill be content if i pass my GCSEs and get to spend lots of time with my friends :D
but yeah thats it
"all that is dark isnt always evil and all that is light isnt neccessarily good"

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  • I'm trying to think about people dying, but it's only making me laugh more! - January 26th, 2010 at Ruby Tuesday!

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