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my name is halie ...... .
i am a fifteen year old sophmore in cchs. i am with an amazing guy whom i can see myself spending forever with even though idk what forever is, but who really knows till they get there. i have had my heart broken beaten and scared but he erases it all . all my poems are from past relationships i haven't wrote a good enough one bout him top submit. it just doesnt give him justise.

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  • They say life is living, they didnt say it was living well

    they told me not to lie, but how do i get through hell?

    they said its to hard for me,but i did it and got out.

    mabey what they say doesnt matter im through listening anyhow

    9 years ago
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  • Icant believe you!
    your such a brat!
    ...and, your piont is?
    (yes! she shut up!)

    10 years ago
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  • When you think you find "the one" and your bffl says different becareful she might be on to somthing...

    10 years ago
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