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Im jessie!
and thats all you need to know lol nooo
ok so im in jobies its kinda like a sorority but like way is my theropy and it destressetizes me..i cant spell for crap..i make up my own words but dad died when i was in the forth grade but i hate when ppl pitty me...sympthy is fine but pity...i just wanna scream very a HOPLESS romantic...i think dorks are super cute even though im not a dork lol...i love bright colors!!! i dont judge ppl untill i really get to know them...annnndddd im pretty sure thats it for now.....yep pretty much!!! feel free to comment me or message or w.e i have a myspace so ask me for it if you want w.e ya ok yathats it!

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Latest Poems By Jessie

  • I remember fishing and canoeing with my dad.
    And that huge musky fish we used to try and catch...

  • I see your thoughts and what you really want.
    i hear your cries and feelings...

  • GIRL:
    i see you in the hallway...

  • You tell me you don't care and that i don't matter
    then why do you cry...

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  • You can suck at everything you do...and make yourself look amazing...its all in your confidence.

    10 years ago
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