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I am finally updating my profile (18.8.2011) I am not 15 anymore lol I am in fact 18 now My name is Elizabeth and I live in Australia :)

I love to write that why I joined this website. I like to share my poems with people on here because I feel I will get honesty. If I showed my family they might say my poems are great but I wouldn't know if they would just say that cause they are my family so I don't show them.

I show the people on here because we are all here for a fairly similar reason. We all love to write. I value anyone's opinion on here.

I have met some really amazing people through here and their honest words and advice have made me strive to become a true and better writer.

I can't wait to read more poems and be inspired more :)

If anyone wants to know more feel free to message me. I don't bite :)

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  • Age : 18
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  • Country : Australia
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  • If you see and angel sitting, it is not because they are afraid to fly they just haven't found their wings.

    7 years ago
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  • Tears fall from the eyes of those whose words are yet to speak

    7 years ago
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  • Never give up, Never give in, Because temptaion is our poison The first drop we survive the second prepare for goodbye, for the third time we run out of luck and stare heaven in the eye

    9 years ago
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