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yo, im a frosh n im proud of it =] my life is pretty fan-freakin-tastic right now! it took a while but i finally got the love of my life back.<3 sawyer gray mosley <33yeah i got drama, but the good by far out-weighs the bad. most of my quotes/poems are about the biggest mistake i've made[so far..]. it was a pretty sad summer for me. but goodbye summer hello highschool! im ready to rock these next 4 years at port high!!

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  • I didn't think much of it, going out that night.
    But i never knew a party, would turn into such a...

  • The more you put yourself together,
    the more you fall apart...

  • Every nite they've been apart,
    Her eyes have cried, he broke her heart...

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  • The answer to your problem is where your mind least expects it but where your heart has already found it.
    -my best friend nick

    9 years ago
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  • Love; meaning giving up on all expectations. the difference between a heartache, n a happy-ending. the reason you stare up at the stars at night. almost impossible to explain. n no story is complete w/out it.

    9 years ago
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  • It makes me smile when i tell people about us and all they can say is "dammn, you two are just ment to be together," i just hope they're right.. =]]

    9 years ago
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