Its been a year and i happy its here!
Finally its all in the past, thats what i say. But why cant i let go, i still have you in the same old spot, very time i past that place i open it up, push the books to the front, grab that little box, take the top off, and there you are!! I still cant believe thats its been i year, if i have done so well then why cant i throw you out....
Its because deep down inside i still feel like i can fale and that i will need you and if i throw you out...I think i might get worst. i might go to drugs, drinking, sex. and i cant do that not just yet, i cant let you go. You have been apart of my life for so long now...Man i just want to get rid of you and be someone new. and i want to do it with out you!! Its been one whole hard year but i have done it all with out you!!
So this is the last time i open the box and see you there.
Its been a year and today i move on and throw my blade away!!

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  • Everything looks impossible for the people who never try anything!

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  • A friend is a person who know all about you
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