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I love reading books such as novels,literature's,thriller story's and etc. that will make my self more aware not only in the aspects of life but also in other ways which books will have been given to me.I love Expressing Filling's, when i was a kid I a m shay little girl..I express my feeling in my notebooks or I jot down the things that i wanted to be.I also have Diaries, I reckon that as my First friend is kind of weirs but its me a real wrote poems and novels are some ways to enjoy life, a very imaginative instinct.So thats is why I'm a bit quite person, so many people around me are questioning about my personality.They say I'm too good to be perfect. I don't know what they talking about? but at least I know My self.
I guess I'm not the Easiest person to live with, since I'm very independent I'm also quit quiet that may led to my other friends to questioning.Yeah!! I always do "mistakes". I always intend one thing and turned into others.but its fine for me because its a part of life.I consider it as the best things that could happen to me.Thats all and thank you..

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