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I am nineteen years old and have been writing poetry since I was ten. I truly enjoy the emotional release I experience when writing, and I would love critique from other members! I am a fun, creative person who loves to meet new people.
I enjoy figure skating, listening to music, hanging with friends, and long walks on the beach...(just kidding, though really i do). Please read my poems and comment on them, I will return the favor.

Some ask me who I am?
I reply, "well who are you?"
They say that it's not who they are, but rather what they do.
I laugh and say, "that is not you, just what you wish you were."
They say, "this girl is very strange, what's gotten into her?"
But if you knew me, then you'd know
Exactly what I meant
For each of us is really special, truly heaven sent.
To describe who you are in a sentence or two
Leaves out the opportunity to meet someone new
So talk to me, just call me up, I'd like to meet each member here.
I'd like to know if you drink wine or liqueur, even beer
Call me out, I'm here to talk
Let's go on a quick walk
For I am Martha and that is all you really need to know.

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  • "You may have walked away, but your presence will linger on forever."

    9 years ago
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  • "Love is a rollercoaster. All I can hope to do is be along for the ride."

    9 years ago
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  • Life is a never ending journey. Often you will experience pain and sorrow, but if you never put yourself out there to try new things, you will never give yourself the chance to succeed.

    10 years ago
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