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Hey, everyone. I'm not here to try and get people to read my stuff for publicity. I just want random people to read my stuff and give their honest and unbiased opinions. (I mean like cuz they don't know me cuz they aren't my friends.) I like to hear comments and suggestions, I don't think my stuff is amazing or anything spectacular just good enough. Message or comment me, or just chat. I'll love any of it. XD And honestly I'm really missing someone right now. Her name is Liza, and if you're reading this your Annie misses you.

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  • Im not sure what is worse. Forgetting your loves smell, or not wanting to forget the person you hates smell.

    8 years ago
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  • A year without contact seems like eternity, can someone really survive when their other half is missing?

    8 years ago
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  • Tomorrow's starting now, the future started yesterday and you're already late.

    8 years ago
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