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I love writing poems. To be honest a good friend of mine was the one who got me to start writing poems in middle school! As soon as I started writing I got done with one poem in less than 10 minutes from front to back of a page. I still continue writing poems basically about love and explicit poems or just about how Im feeling about something that is always in my mind. Please rate and comment my poems! Thanks (:

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  • Age : 17
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Latest Poems By Summerbaby18

  • My heart beats for you
    Whenever you turn to me...

  • I've been longing for someone,
    To make me smile and free...

  • Every time you're near me
    I always lose my mind...

  • You wonder when you look at me
    or when you look my way...

  • Do you remember us?
    The laughs we shared...

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  • She didn't ask for the world, she didn't ask for everything.. Because everything she wanted in the world was you..

    8 years ago
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  • Life is full of bump in the roads, just remember that those bumps help you learn from them and not come across the same ones, and the same road you started on, is the one you finished on.

    8 years ago
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  • Always have hope, and always dream big.. But NEVER hope too much to where it only STAYS dream..

    8 years ago
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