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I dont know if someone would be interested reading this. Well just in case someone wants to,
even though theres none of my friends know I'm posing poems online.

haha.. As a girl of age 15 I'm pretty shy when I'm in front of someone I'm not use to.. (arggh.. Im not really competent on doing this whole thing, doing my poem..) haha All I can say is WHATEVER you may read in my poems It may be true or just some of my illusions.. All I know is Im doing this whole because Im sick of pretending Im okay in front of everyone but deep inside Im too broken to say the words I need someone to comfort me.. I write what I want, but Im dont oblige my self to
please everyone..

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  • How come love is so complicated?

    7 years ago
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  • Sometimes what we see in someone is something that we want them to be, and it's not right cuz we'll end up unhappy.

    7 years ago
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  • Don't try to forget someone cause that will only make you want that someone.

    8 years ago
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