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My name is Valerie Zamora. Im 18 and loving life. Im a graduate of WEHS. College kid. I love helping people. I make friends fast. Im friendly, sweet, and understanding. (updated on July 11, 2012)
*************************************** I love my boyfriend.
His name is John David Lopez. He's my everything. He is the light in my room of darkness, the smiles when i have tears, and everything you can think about. He's my happiness when im sad. I love him so much. We share so many things, and we get along perfectly. We fight, but it always gets resolved. We share secrets and hold nothing back. We're honest with each other. He's honestly the best ever. I have no doubts about what we have together. He will do anything for me...and i will do anything for him. He is a JUNIOR at WEHS.
I would like to thank my big bro cris for always being there for me. my twin bro...i love you. you are my heart, life, and thoughts. your my one reason i stopped my habbits. you mean everything to me, and i would like to thank you. to me, even though we are miles apart, you feel so close. no matter what happens you'll always be my twin big bro. i love you. dont forget that. i hope one day, i'll see you and we will be in each others lives like siblings are supposed to.

Want to know more about me? Message me. Thanks for reading, goodbye. :)

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  • You are worth the tears.
    thank you Tyler for helping me find my way.
    your my inspiration.

    7 years ago
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  • You are worth the life. trust me. life is only going to get better with time.

    7 years ago
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  • You mean so much to the world and me, and you should know that death is not the answer. the answer is fighting.

    7 years ago
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