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I love writing I may not be the best but thats not why i write. I write the quotes and poems because its a way for me to get my feelings out with out causing problems. I love being single, my friends and family!!!!!!!!!!!! But most of all I just love my life!!! I wouldn't trade my life for anything!!!!!!! It might not aways be perfect but guess what?? Its my life!!!!!

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  • Age : 17
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Latest Poems By lost and confused

  • Every time I smile
    I'm thinking of you and little man...

  • You told me not to disappear.
    Now you're the one that's gone...

  • I never knew i'd miss him so much.
    Never thought he'd be gone...

  • Why can't you be someone i used to know?
    Just someone from my past...

  • Don't stop me when i go to walk away.
    If I try let me go don't even waste your time...

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  • I wanna make the jump but I don't wanna fall. Please Lord help me fly if this goes wrong.

    4 years ago
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  • Many times i sit here thinking about you and i. Why? Has it all been a waste of time? Should I really just walk away and leave it all behind. Just forget you and leave us in the past?

    5 years ago
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  • Just forget the times we had they aren't worth remembering. Forget the memories they're not worth the pain. I just wanna forget the past. Play pretend and run away.

    5 years ago
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