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  • So hit me harder take another swing maybe this...
    stop feeling the pain, bring me down say something...

  • Theres a stain from rolling in the grass
    You were chasing me throwing me down...

  • And boy your charm can work wonders on me, make me...

  • I'm broken hearted over a million different things...

  • I guess that times coming around again and I no...

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  • Leave them talking about i dont care.. cause i was with you and we were somewhere

    8 years ago
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  • Whenever i think about that place.. i think about those nights they cant erase.. then i think about your arms around me and how they fit so perfectly..had me wishin this would always be

    8 years ago
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  • Too many nights that i still remember with you, all the dreams that we had and every wish that never came true, and everything that im thankful for.. its got nothin to do with you

    8 years ago
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