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I like snowboarding, mostly all music, sailing, and messing around with my friends. Kinda been slacking on my poetry and putting on the site hopefully will be fixed sometime. I enjoy bright vivid colours; pink, yellow blue etc. usually when i paint those are what i use, i mainly do abstract though i occasionally do nature stuff. I'm somewhat obsessed with star wars, mainly the music, but i'm not a freak quite yet. I think way too much, usually over process what people say, or come up with crazy theories about peoples psychology or being a pirate/communist. By the way i'm pretty random too.

anyways hope you enjoy what i've got

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  • Emotions, among all other foes, can deal the greatest damages with one stroke

    12 years ago
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  • Power is the strongest drug

    12 years ago
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  • Survival is making enemies with people that are not better than you

    12 years ago
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