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Just got reject by my "Darling"... I'm so up sad... I wished to Just forget him... But I can't... I Thought that I was Just Playing ... I'm not in love with him... But...When i got rejected by him.That kind of sadness,lost,is what I never feel before... then i'm start asking myself..."Is that Love?"I guess Yes...But it's too late!!!He totally give up on me... What can I do?laugh??Hahahahaha.........:(</3

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  • There are something that you rich people don't understand.

    5 years ago
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  • Pets may not be with you for your rest of your life, But they are using their whole life to be with you. ♥

    5 years ago
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  • You don't have to busy explain to peoples.
    Cause peoples who trust you, the don't need it.
    Peoples who hate you, they don't care.

    5 years ago
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