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Well my name is tawna' But everyone calls me vamp. I have borderline personality disorder and poetry helps me alot :) I love to write poetry. Im 20 years old. Most ppl think they know me but honestly they have no clue. Im like the seasons my mood is always changing. I fall in love fast and get hurt easily. I have my flaws that kill me. I wanna be perfect but never will be. I'v been threw alot in life but even after everything Im still sweet and caring :) feel free to message me anytime. *sit her down, listen to her twisted story. I promise by the time she's done, you'll be in tears.*

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  • && they say we're too young, but maybe they're too old to remember

    7 years ago
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  • I will not hang my head in defeat, because you do not deserve the power to break me.

    7 years ago
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  • You say I'm insane--which is totally fine with me--but I kind of prefer the term mentally entertaining.

    7 years ago
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