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Loi Vincent C. Deriada is my name 15 years of age turning 16 this coming June 08, I never expected to become a writer.When I was in elementary level I was just like a normal student aiming to graduate in elementary but as I step forward in another journey which is High School Life I enter Special Program In the Arts wherein most of the students are talented and I questioned myself if a belong to this curriculum but as years goes by in high school I found myself holding my pen and writing a poem about My Dog and that time I realized I have a special talent when it comes to Writing. Right now I am dreaming to become a journalist and hoping for a better future. I will do my best to reach my dreams, because my dream is not only for myself but for my whole family. Instead of being a famous writer someday I want to have a business. And I believe that all this things will happen soon in my life. Through my one and only supporter who believe my skills in writing which is God , I love you so much and to all my family.
To my co-teen writer don't ever stop dreaming.

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  • Day and night I was thinking of you
    I was thinking for the things happen...

  • I thought your the only one
    I thought your the best...

  • The day I met you is like the end of the world
    I didn't see anything but your bubbly face...

  • It was just like a dream
    Never likely to happen...

  • Walking in the world of love
    everybody stared at me...

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  • You tend to forgive
    But still the person you forgive tend to do it again.
    Second Chances do really exist
    But sometimes it's too abusive.

    3 years ago
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  • Sometimes in life we tend to fail in many ways, but the only thing we need to realize if we fail is that, we need to think that LIFE can't be so call a life if we didn't experience failures.

    5 years ago
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  • Things change,people change
    leaves are falling till' death do as part we will be together.

    5 years ago
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