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The name is Deon . I'm 21, and as you know, I love to write. I always find myself believing in something, no matter the situation at hand. The number of people I trust, I can count on one hand. I have trust issues, therefore, you have to earn it. I'm not gonna put for effort in your life, and you not put any in mine. That's just how I roll. And just to say, don't even bother with me if you're a liar, OR a cheater. I'll make you cry, hands down. I'm not a mean person, just keep on my good side. Kay. I have a huge past, as does everyone else. My sister is my hero. ♥ I love meeting new people. It's a thing of mine.
Keep it real, and we'll get along just fine. Correct spelling and grammar I appreciate so much! (: But I think I'm gonna end this by saying, just talk to me, I'm a great guy

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