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My name is Sami and I'm a very fun loving person. I have many dreams and goals I wish to achieve in the next few years as I venture into a new chapter in my life. I am the kind of person people think is weird but that is who I am. I always have fun and make new adventures in my life. My friends are crazy and the kind of people who will just get up and decide to go to a different state for the day just for funn! I am a very good listener and I am told I give great advice. I am always available to talk to anyone who needs a little help. And my advice for those who don't like to open up... just remember... always smile:) no matter how hard life gets a little smile can make the biggest difference, whether it's for you or someone else who is going through a rough patch in their life. Even if it a fake smile... because if you pretend for so long, your brain starts to believe its real. Then you will truly be smiling and happy:)

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  • You said you would be there forever,
    you said you would never leave...

  • I walk down the hallways,
    and look all around...

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  • Ill forgive you tomorrow if the sun doesnt shine
    let you back into my life when they oceans are dry
    take you back when they rainbow turns gray
    but i just cant do it today

    6 years ago
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  • What do you do when you keep going back to the one you love, but you know he doesnt love you back?

    6 years ago
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  • Your my best friend. do i want to ruin it with a relationship? or just keep hiding everything inside?

    7 years ago
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