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Hey all unique poets :)
The names Jose
Love is the game I lost..
Yeah I'm an 18 year old heartbroken
Don't try to understand.
The relationship was worth fighting for and still is.
This is a relationship that started
As just friends...
Since 2nd grade
Started dating in highschool
1amazing year of love and affection.
3 years of destroying my loves heart..
Do I regret everything yes.
I grew up. I changed.
I lost my love
Now I'm just a sad lover writing everyday about my one and only love..

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Latest Quotes By jose ramos

  • Never make someone a -priority
    that only considers you an -option

    6 years ago
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  • Please don't stare in these eyes
    For all you will see is a man that wants forgiveness
    A man whom wants true love in the rightful hands of its original lover...

    6 years ago
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  • Blood.scars.knifes.tears.
    That's all I got from you..
    Though I wouldn't trade that for the world
    I love you forever yours -jose

    6 years ago
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