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I kinda have a "Freeverse" style of writing.

Comments and votes are welcome and appreciated.

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Latest Poems By E Dacaf

  • Piece by piece I slowly fade.
    Of this life, I've nothing made...

  • In a land beyond the mountains,
    In a kingdom cross the sea...

  • You gawk upon the metal man,
    you praise his shape and to his frame you hold...

  • You soar to the sun while I, I swim to the moon.
    In the end we'll not make the horizon...

  • Brass (1)

    Your priceless palace tongue wags for nothingless...
    A special thing that I am not. You want Gold...

Latest Quotes By E Dacaf

  • "No ship comes through the storm unscathed"

    5 years ago
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  • "Darkness is the most powerful force. The light can never truly kill it. When it shines upon the dark, it becomes surrounded by shadows. And shadows are just a lesser form of darkness"

    6 years ago
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  • "You are never as lonely as you feel, or alone as you think."

    6 years ago
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